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S’more Recipe Roundup

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Summertime to me means fresh squeezed lemonade, suntan lines, and s’mores by the fire.  I am all about the traditional s’more, but also love a good variation.  Swap the chocolate for a Reese’s or use chocolate graham crackers instead of regular.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have been finding TONS of great recipes to get my s’more fix without ever having to light a fire.  Some of the recipes are even no-bake.  Which is great for this desert dweller! Smore Recipe Roundup

I am sharing a few of my favorite s’more recipes below.  You can also check out my Pinterest S’more board for even MORE recipes! Happy Roasting!

Ultimate S'more Cake

Ultimate S’more Cake


S’more Krispy Treats


S’more Fudge Bars


S’more Pie Pops


S’more Trail Mix


Frosty S’more Cups


No Bake S’more Bars


S’more Cupcakes

Smores Marshmallo Pops

S’more Marshmallow Pops


Peanut Butter S’more Cookie Cup

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6 Things I’ve Learned from Being a New Mom

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I’m baaaaack! Or at least, I think I am back.  I have taken a couple of weeks off from blogging and oh how I have missed it.  I’ve missed sharing our life with you and I have missed reading some of my favorite blogs too.  But I think (key word here people) I am slowly creating a new normal for us around here.  Slowly adjusting to life with our two peanuts.  I am hoping to blog consistently, like I did before the boys were born.


The boys are six weeks old, can you believe that? I really cannot! In these six weeks there have been many things I’ve learned from being a new Mom.  For example, when you are changing a diaper at two in the morning, if you don’t move fast enough there will be pee all over you, all over the baby, and on the walls and floor.  Who knew little boys had such a range of aim! I’ve learned that napping when the babies nap is not that easy, sometimes I just want to sit and stare at their perfection. 


Today I thought I would share six things I’ve learned from being a new mom.  If you are a mom I am sure you can relate and if you are a mom-to-be maybe this will help you know what’s around the corner! 6 Things I've Learned from Being a New Mom 1. As a new mom you can still shower. Before the boys were born I worried about many things.  One of which was the thought that I would never shower again.  But I am happy to report this is just not the case. It might be the fastest shower of your life and you might not be able to shave your legs, but showering is possible.  This is why God invented bouncy seats.  I put my two cuties in their bouncy seats and sit them on the floor right outside the shower.  I then shower at the speed of light, but hey my hair is shampooed! New Mom E-Card 2. It’s okay to let people help. This one was easier said than done but became a necessity.  If people want to cook, let them.  If a friend wants to come over and offers to fold your laundry, let them.  When someone suggests you take a nap, go take that nap! Don’t be afraid to ask either! In the six weeks I’ve been a mom, I have quickly learned it takes a village! It Takes a Village to Raise a Child quote 3. You will love your husband as he finds his new role as Daddy I have always loved Matt.  He was a wonderful boyfriend, who become a wonderful fiancé, who became a wonderful husband.  Therefore I knew he would be a wonderful father.  But knowing he would be wonderful and seeing just how wonderful he is with the boys is a whole different story. Hearing his sing silly songs as he changes the boys diapers, suggesting he wash the bottles before bed so I can get a head start on sleeping for the night; that is a whole new kind of love my friends! Dad Quote 4. Netflix Streaming may become your best friend Have you watched daytime TV lately? Or worse yet, late night TV? Yea there is nothing on for those midnight feedings, nothing to watch during the mid day lull.  But thanks to Netflix, you have an abundance of movies and TV shows at your finger tips.  I have slowly been re-watching The Office reruns while I pump.  The episodes are 22 minutes long, the perfect amount of time to pump. Oh and Pinterest.  Pinterest is your best friend for those late night feedings as well! Netflix E Card 5. Pregnancy brain turns into Mommy brain I had high hopes that when the boys were born my ability to remember things (like what day of the week it is) would come back.  But no.  Potentially Mommy brain is even worse than pregnancy brain.  If I don’t write it down, I will not remember it.  The boys pediatrician may have given me a hard time for writing down the boys’ eating schedule every day.  But trust me, if I didn’t write and track who ate what and when, potentially a baby might not get fed. True story!Things I've Learned from Being a New Mom 6. Time flies when you’re having fun has never been more true. My days are filled with feeding babies, doing laundry, changing copious amounts of diapers, and a whole lot of cuddles and love. The days fly by, and the week is over in the blink of an eye.  Our sweet boys are changing and growing every day. While, it warms my heart that my arms now get tired from holding the boys (a seven pound baby feels MUCH heavier than a 4 1/2 pound baby), it is also a little sad for me.  Slow down boys! Just a little.  They have already grown so much, changed so much in their six weeks of life.  I’m not even sure where the time has gone! Wilhelm Twins - New Mom.jpg Are you a Mom? What are some things you learned the first few weeks of your motherhood journey? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Life as a NICU Mom

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From the second I found out I was expecting, I started day dreaming about my babies; what would they look like, what would their cries sound like, how would it feel to hold them for the very first time. As I progressed in my pregnancy Matt and I talked about how we wanted their birth day to go; who would be with us, who would come visit right away, who would be anxiously awaiting their arrival. We picked out the perfect coming home outfits for all four of us.  We had their carseats installed and ready to go!

And then that day came, the boys birth day, the day we had day dreamed about and planned for all these months. Though this amazing day did not go as planned, it was perfect in every possible way. I had to have an unexpected c-section which caused me to stay in the hospital for five days.

The day I left the hospital, my first day as a mom outside of the four walls of the hospital, was the hardest day of my life. And probably not for the reasons you think. This was the day I had dreamed about; outfits picked, camera ready, I was prepared to squeeze between the boys’ carseats in the back of our car as Matt drove our perfect family of four home.

But all of those day dreams turned out to be just that. Dreams. Matt and I left he hospital alone, with red, puffy, swollen eyes and the heaviest hearts imaginable. We left our precious, perfect, sweet boys with the loving and capable nurses in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. The boys were born at 34 weeks and were both admitted to the NICU. No mother should have to leave her 5 day new babies in the arms of someone else. But this mom had to. Lots of moms have to. Matt and I did not become just parents, but rather NICU parents.


So while  I’m not busy posting a million pictures of the boys, it’s not because I don’t want you to see their beautiful faces, it is because life in the NICU is hard and long. We spend the majority of the day at the hospital, sitting at the bedside of our precious little ones.  When I don’t respond to a text or a phone call I’m not being rude or ignoring you, I’m soaking up every possible second with my babies.  Please know that all of your love through phone calls, texts, emails, tweets and more do not go unoticed or unappreciated.  Your thoughts and love for my boys, as well as Matt and I, help us get through these long, emotionally exhausting days.  Thank you for that!

We ask for your patience and your compassion and if you have any extra prayers those would be great too. I promise more pictures, I promise so many pictures you will get sick of their adorable faces. I promise to text you all back… eventually.  I promise to share their birth story, their adorable nursery, and so much more!  But right now I’m a NICU mom and that is taking 110% of my energy and love.

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Bumpdate {The Boys Have Arrived!}

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Wednesday morning, Matt and I fell in love with the two sweetest boys we have ever met. After weeks of bed rest, false alarms, and the unknown we were so thrilled to meet our sons and see them so happy and healthy.

Are you ready for this week’s Bumpdate?


Size of babies: Both babies were born right around 5 pounds.

Let’s talk bump: It would be a lie to say that I miss my bump.  While I loved every second of my growing bump, I have two growing babies to hold now and that is even sweeter!

Best moment of the week: I think you can guess…without a doubt, getting to hold the boys for the first time and having them look into my eyes!  Seeing Matt become a daddy is a close second.

Something I craved: Baby cuddles and kisses, I just cannot get enough!

What I am looking forward to: Taking these sweet boys home and starting our life as a family of 4!!!

Matt: Was born to be a daddy to these boys and is loving every minute.  He is taking amazing care of the boys and me all at once!

The puggles: are home awaiting our arrival.

Thank you for sharing in the journey of our pregnancy. I loved every second of being pregnant with our boys, but am so excited for this next journey of motherhood to begin. I promise to share their birth story and more photos soon, but right now I have babies to love. While this may be the end of the bumpdate, I assure you, there will be much more to come times 2! Thank you for all of your thoughts, love, and prayers!

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Bumpdate {Thirty-Four Weeks}

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Home sweet home!! There’s no place like home. This week the doctors felt it was in my best interest to head home and continue my bed rest from home. I will still go in twice a week for testing to make sure the boys are doing well but for those in between days I get to be at home with our sweet fur babies! So now to pray that I make it another couple weeks and that I don’t go back to the hospital until the boys are ready to make their grand debut.

Are you ready for this week’s Bumpdate?

34 weeks

How far along: Thirty-four weeks! As the boys begin to gain weight, they are also beginning to accumulate some fat.  Come on chubby babies! Is their anything sweeter than some adorable chubby baby legs? I think not!

Size of babies: The size of a butternut squash. This week we did an anatomy scan and the boys each weigh about 4 pounds 10 ounces. That’s a lot of baby!!

Let’s talk bump: I’m not sure how, but my bump is still growing. With two butternut squash sized babies in there, it’s no wonder my bump feels so heavy!

Best moment of the week: Knowing that the boys and I were doing well enough to go home! Sleeping in my own bed. Seeing the puggles. Knowing in the last month the boys each gained a pound and a half. Making it to 34 weeks!! Finishing Baby B’s knit hat. Life is good!

Worst moment of the week: This week was my students’ end of the year art show. And being in the hospital means I missed it. I have really missed my students and my teaching team over these last few weeks, but missing the art show made me miss everyone a little extra.

Something I craved: I needed a soft pretzel with cheese like yesterday. Nice and healthy right?  I could not even tell you the last time I had a soft pretzel (let alone with some cheese), but this week it sounded rather delish!

What I am looking forward to: A weekend at home with Matt and the fur babies.

Matt: may have missed his calling to be a nurse. He has taken such wonderful care of me. He also has been taking care of everything else! Having a wife stuck in bed all day means everything falls on your shoulders. I am lucky to have such an amazing partner in life!

The puggles: are home!!!!

Thank you for stopping by and staying up to date on What’s Up with the Wilhelm boys! Thank you also for your continued thoughts and prayers. There is no doubt in my mind that your thoughts and prayers are helping to keep these boys safe and sound.  Your visits, calls, texts, and messages all mean so much to me. Here’s to another week of cooking!

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Sorry Not Sorry Social {Thirty-Eight}

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Welcome to the Sorry, Not Sorry Social! 

We hope to grow your social media and build blogging friendships! Please linkup below and follow the three people before you, as well as your hosts.

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This week we’re happy to have Bea, from This is Motherhood co-hosting with us. Bea blogs about her life as mother to her adorable son Wolfy. Please make sure check out her blog and give her some comment love.

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