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Bumpdate {Thirty Weeks}

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Happy Bumpdate day!  I was not sure if I could write this post, as the boys gave us a scare this week.  However, I am eternally grateful that they are still cooking and I am doing everything in my power to keep it that way!


How far along: Thirty weeks! The boys have a full head of hair and their fingernails are growing.

Size of babies: A large eggplant, over 16 inches long and according to their latest ultrasound, just over 3 pounds each!!!

Let’s talk bump: This week I am feeling like it is a miracle that I still have a bump and the boys are still safe and sound inside of me.  We are taking each day, one at a time.

Best moment of the week: I am cheating and picking a few this week.  First, we had our maternity pictures taken over the weekend and I am in love!  I promise to share them this upcoming week.  Second, the boys’ mobiles came and they are adorable!  I’m tasking Matt with the hanging ASAP.  Third, we completed our birthing class this past weekend.  We had fun and learned a lot!

Worst moment of the week: After routine testing on Monday, I was admitted into the hospital for what we thought was the birth of our baby boys.  Thanks to the amazing medical team and everyone’s thoughts and prayers, the bumpdate continues!

Matt is: being a champ and taking care of me in the hospital.  He has been trying his hardest to keep everyone in the loop!

The puggles are: enjoying a vacation with their aunt and uncle.

Thank you again for your continued thoughts and prayers.  Please keep them coming, as we are not sure what the next few days/weeks will bring.  We appreciate everyone who has called/texted/facebooked/tweeted/etc.  Knowing that you all care about us and the babies means more than we could ever express.  These are some very loved little boys!

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Bumpdate {Twenty-Nine Weeks}

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Happy Friday! Happy Bumpdate day! Are you ready for this weeks Bumpdate?

Bumpdate 29 Weeks

How far along: Twenty-nine weeks! The boys are now smiling, especially while they are sleeping. How precious is that!? 

Size of babies: A large coconut, just about 16 inches long. Weighing about 3 pounds each. 

Let’s talk bump: My bump is a growing but amazingly enough I can still see my feet. And by feet I mean part of my feet and mostly my toes. I posted a picture on Instagram earlier this week of my bump and my barely-there toes because I loved it so. I wonder how much longer until my feet and toes disappear all together. 

Best moment of the week: My Mom and Dad bought the boys coming home from the hospital outfits. I have hemmed and hawed; on the fence about what I wanted the boys to wear home. Not to mention I wasn’t sure what size I should get; newborn, preemie, how do I decide? (PS: These are the silly moments that plague this pregnant brain of mine.) However, my mom knew exactly what to do and found the most adorable little outfits for our adorable little ones. 

Worst moment of the week: I have decided to take some time off work, and while this is a good thing, it was a hard decision and was unexpected, and not necessary what I had initially planned.  I had hoped to continue working until the end of the school year.  But right now my doctor said that my full-time job needs to be growing some healthy and strong baby boys.  Please don’t worry; I am doing great and so are the Wilhelm boys! I miss my children at school and my teaching team (hence worst part of the week) but I am eternally grateful for everyone’s love and support.

Something I craved this week: Water.  Can you crave water? With the temperatures slowly rising (we hit 90 degrees this week!) all I can think about is H20.  

What I am looking forward to: I ordered the most wonderful mobiles for above the boys cribs from an Etsy shop. They shipped earlier this week and should be here any day now!! I cannot wait to see them in person. That is the last thing we needed for the boys nursery!! Crazy. 

Matt is: (as always) being super supportive; making time to go to my many, many doctors appointments. Helping cross things off our dwindling (yay!) to-do list and being a rockstar husband and daddy!

The puggles are: happily snoozing at my feet as I write this post.  Friends of ours sent us a wonderful baby gift this week and even included a little something for our first babies, Ivan and Greta! They are some lucky puggles.

Thank you for stopping by finding out What’s Up with the Wilhelm boys this week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! On top of a busy weekend of laying on the couch with my feet up, Matt and I have our maternity pictures!! I cannot wait to share them with you.

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The Best Year Yet

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Four years ago today I wore a gorgeous white dress.  Matt looked so handsome in a tuxedo.  My Dad walked me down the aisle. Surrounded by family and friends, Matt and I vowed to love each other all the days of our lives.  We sealed the deal with a kiss and danced the night away under the stars.

I remember thinking just how much I was in love with Matt as we danced to Michael Bublé’s Everything for the very first time as husband and wife.  I remember thinking to myself, this will be the best year yet.  And I can honestly say that four years later, I love Matt more than I could have ever imagined on our wedding day.  I can also say that every day, every month, every year together has been the best year yet.

This will be the best year yet


This year was the best year yet…

…we traveled to San Francisco.  

Golden Gate Bridge

…we listened to music under the stars.

…we shared the most exciting news with our family and friends.


…we cooked more dinners together.

…we had date nights galore.

photo 4


…we decorated a nursery in our home.

…we vacationed in Hawaii. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 9.31.51 AM

…we soaked up some sunshine.

…we made the best of every situation presented to us.

Limelight 9-13 6

…we loved each more and more every day.


Last year I wrote this post sharing all the reasons why I am so lucky in love and this year I could have added a million more reasons why Matt makes me the luckiest girl in the world! I know as we start the next year of our marriage, that this too will be the best year yet, Matt. I love you!




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Bumpdate {Twenty-Eight Weeks)

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Hello Third Trimester, it is so nice to see you! In many ways I really cannot believe I am this far along in my pregnancy; time has flown by so quickly. However, I breathe a sigh of relief as I enter the last trimester knowing that the boys are doing a great job of growing and will hopefully continue to stay put. 

Are you ready for this weeks Bumpdate?

28 Weeks Bumpdate

How far along: Twenty-eight weeks! The boys are now opening and closing their eyes.  And they even have eyelashes!  

Size of babies: A large butternut squash, just about 15 inches long. 

Let’s talk bump:  I keep thinking to myself, how in heaven’s name is my skin going to stretch anymore! Sometimes it feels like it is stretched to the max as is.

Best moment of the week: We had an anatomy scan this week.  It is crazy how much the boys have grown in two weeks.  Baby A is 2 and 1/2 pounds and Baby B is a bit closer to 3 pounds.  I always love seeing all of their measurements and of course their adorable faces and Buddah bellies.

Another great part of the week?  My Mom and little sister are here visiting.  I am so happy that they are able to see my bump in person; pictures just don’t do it justice.

Also, did you hear the news? The boys have names!! Wooo!! We haven’t announced them just yet but I did share 25 fabulous names that Matt vetoed earlier this week.  It was fun to share and I could not be happier that we took our time coming up with the perfect names for our little ones.

Worst moment of the week: I had my glucose test this week. Thank you everyone for your glucose tips! They were much appreciated.  It wasn’t as terrible as I thought but now we are in the waiting game phase. I should hear next week. My fingers are crossed for a pass.  I cannot imagine the three-hour test being very fabulous. 

Something I craved: Broccoli. I am not sure what it is with me and my strong desire for veggies but I just can’t help it.

Most vivid dream of the week: While I am still getting up what feels like 25 times a night, I did at least have some dreams this week.  Hopefully that means I am sleeping a little better than last week.  While it may have not been a very vivid, or long-lasting dream, my favorite dream of the week was about our two sweet babes.  They were in the backyard playing with the puggles.  They were bigger, as they were beginning to walk in my dream.  I woke up so happy with the image of the boys and pups being best of friends.

What I am looking forward to: Spending some time with my sister and Mom. 

Matt is: the best.  He worked his booty off this past week finishing the boys playroom.  He also reorganized the garage so there is room for the boys’ stroller and such.  I am useless with these types of projects and I could not be more grateful for his willingness to help!

The puggles are: back to being spoiled.  They love when we have visitors!


Thank you for stopping by finding out What’s Up with the Wilhelm boys this week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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Sorry Not Sorry Social {Thirty-Three}

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It’s that time!! Time to get social with your girls
We hope you’re having a lovely week; we’re both wishing you a fun filled weekend!
Now, go mingle and tell your friends :)





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